Recent publications

G. Sagirlar, B. Carminati, E. Ferrari,  J. Sheehan, E. Ragnoli. Hybrid-IoT: Hybrid Blockchain Architecture for Internet of Things – PoW Sub-blockchains. 2018 IEEE Conference on Blockchains.

B. Carminati, C. Rondanini, E. Ferrari.  Confidential Business Process Execution on Blockchain.  ICWS 2018.

P. Colombo, E. Ferrari. Access Control Enforcement within MQTT-based Internet of Things Ecosystems, SACMAT 2018.

P. Colombo, E. Ferrari. Access Control in the Era of Big Data: State of the Art and Research Directions, SACMAT 2018.

L. Bahri, B. Carminati, E. Ferrari, A. Bianco. Enhanced Audit Strategies for Collaborative and Accountable Data Sharing in Social Networks. ACM Transactions on Internet Technologies, 18(4):1-19, 2018.

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