Recent publications

P. Colombo, E. Ferrari, Towards a unifying Attribute Based Access Control approach for NoSQL datastores, ICDE 2017.

P. Ilia, B. Carminati, E. Ferrari, P. Fragopoulou, S. Ioannidis. SAMPAC: Socially-Aware collaborative Multi-Party Access Control, CODASPY 2017.

L. Bahri, B. Carminati, E. Ferrari. COIP—Continuous, Operable, Impartial, and Privacy-Aware Identity Validity Estimation for OSN Profiles, ACM Transactions on the Web (TWEB), 10(4), December 2016.

A. Bartoli, B. Carminati, E. Ferrari, and E. Medvet. A Language and an Inference Engine for Twitter Filtering Rules,  IEEE/WIC/ACM WI, October 2016.



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