Marie Ph.D. Fellowship on Privacy and Trust in Decentralized Social Networks

Availability of 1 Marie-Curie Ph.D. fellowship position on: Privacy, Risk Analysis and Trust Management in DOSNs. The position is funded by the European Commission under the Marie Curie Initial Training Network  program iSocial,which focuses on the design of distributed and scalable overlay networking and distributed storage infrastructures for open online social networks and for innovative social network applications that preserve end-user privacy and information ownership. Application deadline: October, 15th 2012.  For more information click here.

“Security and Privacy Fostering Collaboration” panel, CollaborateCom Conference Orlando

Join us at the panel  “Security and Privacy Fostering Collaboration” in CollaborateCom 2011 conference
Panel Statement:

Collective intelligence, social relationships and collaboration among users create valuable knowledge that can be leveraged to foster decision-making and resource management processes. We are all witnesses of the successful usage of this knowledge in several different areas (collaborative filtering and recommendation systems are just two notable examples). This paradigm-shifting approach raises new interesting research issues and opportunities in the security field. The panel will explore and discuss these issues with an aim of investigating on the one hand how collaborative intelligence can be of support to security mechanisms, and on the other hand, how security mechanisms can ensure the knowledge/information management in the collaborative environment.

Moderator: Barbara Carminati, University of Insubria, Italy


  • Konstantinos Pelechrinis, University of Pittsburgh, USA
  • Anna Squicciarini, Pennsylvania State University, USA
  • John Zic, CSIRO ICT Centre, University of New South Wales, Macquarie University, Australia

A Probability-based Approach to Modeling the Risk of Unauthorized Propagation of Information in On-line Social Networks

B. Carminati, E. Ferrari, S. Morasca, D. Taibi. A Probability-based Approach to Modeling the Risk of Unauthorized Propagation of Information in On-line Social Networks. In Proc. of the 1st ACM Conference on Data and Application Security and Privacy (CODASPY 2011), February 2011.